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Hey There! My name is Pamela, and I love Jesus; I am a wife, a mom, I love to write, I love helping others and encouraging people to be authentically themselves, travel and fun is our thing, I have been battling stage 4 breast cancer since 2016,, but it is not who I am, I feed my body organic wholesome food because my immune system is everything, and I love coffee! 


Matthew is my 12-year-old son, who has been given the best smile and laugh in the universe, that without a doubt it will start a chain reaction of giggles; he is kind, strong, loving, creative, and the best blessing ever! 


We started this blog a while ago, but we decided to revamp and regroup to do what was truly in our hearts and glorify God. We absolutely love living in the love and light of our Savior. Together we want to share our journey with you, and we care so much that you are here with us. We will always encourage you from our hearts, with honesty and authenticity. 


Living in His Light, 


Pamela & Matthew 


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Jesus - Coffee - The Beach - Bike Rides - Cooking - Family - Starbucks - Travel

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